Introduction to SGE

SGE is a startup clean energy company working on developing its own novel concepts for utilizing geological energy resources to solve global climate change and pollution crises economically.

I- Carbon capture and storage Innovation

SGE has developed its own novel hybrid technology “Green Geological Disposal System (GGD)” as an unprecedented CCUS technology that utilizes geothermal brine production from the widely abundant deep saline aquifers with industrial waste heat to reduce CCS cost significantly and to reduce associated risks, Instead of the expensive sequestration of CO2 at the rare/far depleted oil and gas fields.

Green Geological Disposal System (GGD) is suitable suitable for :-

1-Point Source Capture for individual factories and powerplant

2-Net Zero Industrial Areas.

3-Direct Air capture Systems (DAC).

4-Ships CO2/GHG emissions and liquid wastes.

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GGD’s working principal is based on replacing the original Geo-brine of the abundant deep saline aquifers (especially low geothermal potential aquifers) by CO2/Flue Gas/GHG/Liquid Wastes at the nearest suitable location to large polluters  sites,  And simultaneously processing Geo-brine into valuable products at surface in order to compensate the high cost of CO2 capture and turning CCS into a profitable business

As deep saline aquifers are widely abundant much more than oil and gas fields at around 90% of urban areas around the world in a form of multi layers in sedimentary rocks at different depths from ± 1 Km down to +10 Km within earth crust. And fortunately the fast majority of them have an appropriate permeability, porosity and multi-sealing elements similar to oil and gas reservoirs to be used successfully to trap and store CO2/GHG/Liquid wastes safely .

And brine aquifers have many valuable contents to be utilized such as :-

1- Geothermal energy content from earth’s hot core (the fast majority of large brine aquifers have low to medium geothermal potential while a very few brine aquifers in some areas have high geothermal potential with temperature range of 150C up to 400C).

2- High concentration of rare minerals such as Lithium and Bromine.

3- Concentrated salts from 50,000 up to 280,000 ppm.

4- Dissolved methane gas from ancient organisms decays & activities (from 20 to +100 cubic feet of methane in one barrel of Geo-Brine).

5-High hydraulic flow energy potential (Geo-pressure energy).

The hot Geo-brine also has much better efficiency than ambient temperature brine at electrolysis/Chlor-Alkali processes so it can be used to generate a cheaper green hydrogen.

1-GGD-Single Point Source System

For Individual Factories and Power Plants with any capture method.

GGD Profile

2- Net Zero Industrial Areas.

For small-large size industrial areas

3-Direct Air capture Systems (DAC).

4-Large Ships CO2/GHG emissions and liquid wastes.

II- Geothermal Energy Innovation

The Integrated Geothermal Tree Power Plant (IGT) is a novel giant geothermal radiator with only one single well to extract large scale geothermal energy from low, medium or high geothermal resources specially from the wide abundant low thermal conductive sedimentary rocks, regardless to rock’s permeability, porosity or formation pressure;
The system is achieving these without any contamination from rocks trapped fluids, In a low-cost and small surface footprint.

IGT is using a novel well completion design – for integrating many long horizontal laterals in one single closed production / injection loop cycle in order to circulate large amounts of working fluids to optimize geothermal energy extraction from the host rock.

The Integrated Geothermal Tree Power Plant (IGT) concept is created based on integration of five main effective elements