SGE Team

Aymen A. Hamed

CEO, Founder and Inventor

Aymen is an Egyptian geoscientist with +25 years’ geology experience in oil and gas sector, with a solid track record of well planning, reservoir characterization, oil recovery, operations geology and petrophysics with good experience in critical Hi-pressure/Hi-Temperature (HPHT) oil and gas wells at many complex geological settings around GCC and Middle East region

Aymen has 5 patents in CO2 Capture and Geo-storage, Natural Vacuum Distillation, Geothermal Energy , Wave Energy and CO2-EOR.

Dr. Amr Elbanhawy

Chief Business Development Officer

Dr Elbanhawy leads the Energy Technology and Climate Change (ETCC) Laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. His research spans across smart energy technology, asset reliability/safety, energy efficiency and water security.

He independently and authoritatively supports the growth and innovation of the local and regional industrial ecosystems in the energy and manufacturing industrial sectors. He is the senior technology advisor for Orascom Construction, supporting investment decisions, and introducing /assessing technology uptake in investment and concessional initiatives.

Mrs. Azza Alaa

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Mohamad ElAnwr

Simulation Advisor

Mr. Mostafa Thabet

Geoscience Advisor

Dr. Hala Hussain

Administration Manager